Terms of service

1. Welcome to AnyRefer. The terms and conditions are the agreement between AnyRefer and you. In order to utilize, browse, or sign up to our site, you must agree to all of our terms and conditions listed below. “You” is defined as the person or entity accessing or using the site.

2. AnyRefer is a social online platform where vendors can create their business profile and mention the charges for their services. The business profile will be like company page in LinkedIn/Facebook. Vendors can also mention how much incentive he/she can provide if someone refer and he/she gets the project. Incentive can range from a restaurant lunch to a percentage in the project. At AnyRefer, we believe that the users can empower their businesses/services by referring businesses/services to friends and family. Other users can use the “Refer me Now” button to share it via social media and even forward through sms . User from which the project is received can be easily tracked from the unique link generated while pressing “Refer me Now”. Vendors can directly contact users to provide the incentives. The terms and conditions apply whether you are a registered user or a non-member using the website and/or even browsing the website. By using our website or even just browsing our site, you acknowledge the terms and conditions by default. The terms and conditions are applicable to shop owners, small businesses, customers, users, and all entities that use our website.

3. The Businesses, Service providers, affiliates, or third party sites or companies reserve the right to have their own terms and conditions. We would advise you to review those terms and conditions. We are not responsible for enforcing the terms and conditions for business owners, affiliates, or third party websites. It is the responsibility of the shop owner, affiliate or third party to make sure their followers, customers, or users obliged to their terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the shop owners, affiliates, or third party must be legal and may not violate any law. The terms and conditions cannot be dishonest or abusive to the users. The user must follow our terms and conditions and the shop owners, affiliates, or third party’s user agreement. AnyRefer is not responsible for any liability that may arise from doing business or purchasing from a shop, an affiliate, or a third party website. We are not responsible for shipping and handling of an item. We are not responsible for any damages of a purchased product or item. These disputes should be handled by the shop owner, affiliate, or third party site. We strongly advise shop owner to have a professional and rewarding relationships with their shop followers and loyal customers. Each member can obtain often special discounts and even free services from shop owners or business owners. Customer can promote and rate businesses, individuals, and service providers based on the success of the business transactions, business relationships, and overall customer experience and satisfaction. We, AnyRefer do not promote members or give any incentive. We leave it to the shop owners, affiliates, or third party site to create their own incentive or reward systems. It is solely the responsibility and duty of business owners or service providers to decide how to promote their businesses and how to use the most suitable incentives for their customers. It is the shop owners responsibility and decision to offer special discounts or even free services (part of the incentive feature).AnyRefer is not responsible for giving discounts or free services( does not get involved in any incentives practices). The shop owner, affiliate, or third party website may offer commission to their valuable customers. AnyRefer is not responsible for setting or negotiating commission rates. The commission rate is conducted between the shop owner and the referrer. The shop owner has the power to create their own commission rate system. AnyRefer is not responsible for any services conducted on the website. The agreement on service is solely between the three parties (the one providing the service, the one making the referrals and the one receiving the service). The service providers and the service recipients are expected to interact and conduct business in a professional and legal manner. All parties must do their best to having an enjoyable and agreeable exchange. AnyRefer will not be liable for any losses or dissatisfaction between the service providers and the service recipient. That issue must be handled and negotiated by the service provider and the service recipient. You will get reliable bids from your trusted members.

My Business/Expertise

4. This feature allows you to describe your business and expertise. You can showcase your business and your expertise. The business owner can display products or display any symbol related to his goods or services. It is the shop owner’s responsibility to interact with their customers in a professional manner. Customers and shop owners can complain to the AnyRefer customer service, but it is the duty of shop owner to handle any disagreement with their customers. The complaint will be used as tool help the platform provide the best environment for the Referrers, shop owners and their clients.

My referral Box

It is tools a tool that allows you to track and monitor your referrals.

Suggested Members

This feature allows the users to view business owners, individuals, and experts on AnyRefer. You can connect and interact with the suggested members. This will help you expand your networks and connect with people you can refer and/or request for services or goods.

Team Members

These are the individuals, business owners, experts, and referrers on your connections or network

Member requests These are the individuals, business owners, experts, and referrers who wish to connect with you. You can accept or decline the connection


Incentive received

After a successful referral, the business owner/expert will grant the referrer an incentive. This tool tracks the numbers incentive received.

Incentive I owed

These are pending incentives that are owed. It has to paid after a completed referral that agreed with the original agreement

Refer me

The referral making feature

Select me

You contact the business owner, or service provider directly. You may engage in a transaction if the parties agree on terms.

. The business/expertise feature is a valuable tool to help you with your interaction with your customers, referrers, and other entities. Business/expertise help shop owners recognize their permanent and most valuable customers, and entice them with the incentive of the choice. The referrers also benefit from incentives, and is therefore motivated bring you more clients and business. Business followers can help promote your business through word of mouth. We expect the business followers to express themselves honesty about the good and services of the shop owners. We do not tolerate any damaging, malicious, and fraudulent comments. We expect the shop owners to provide the best services and goods to their customers, so that the customer can leave a positive feedback about that shop. If any issues are presented, we expect the shop owner to use reasonable discretion to handle this as properly as possible AnyRefer is not responsible for unsatisfied customers. AnyRefer will not make any refunds on goods or services that do not satisfy the customer. We will only use good customer service to help customers and business owners have good and rewarding relations. The links are web friendly and can be posed on other social networks to promote yourself, service, and business.

Your Account and AnyRefer profile.

We expect you to register by creating an account. The information in your profile has to be truthful and accurate. You must keep your information current. It is your responsibility to protect your username and password information. No one can use your account without consent. If you suspect that your information is compromised or someone has unauthorized access to your account, please contact AnyRefer customer service.

Information and Content

The information and content posted and created in AnyRedee must be authentic. You cannot post fraudulent and misleading on content AnyRefer. The shop owners, affiliates, and third party website’s information and content must be honest and fair. The customer, users, and business’s information and content must be honest and reasonable. The shop owner’s terms and conditions must be ethical, and legal. The customer or follower can report any unethical and illegal practices committed by shop owners, affiliates, or third website parties. The Business owners, and affiliates can file complaint to AnyRefer support team about mischievous customers. We are not responsible for any losses or damages, but we will do our part to provide the best customer service pertaining to those issues. Familypricebook will not tolerate the following. If required the appropriate authorities will be contacted.

1. Misuse or use of copyrighted material

2. Conducting business with minors

3. Use of pornographic images

4. Discriminatory, racist, libelous, and slanderous content

5. Spamming or phishing, hacking and misleading practices

6. Harassment or the promotion of violence and illegal activity

7. Any extremist idea and promotion of extremist activity of terrorism is strictly prohibited. Any organization or/and website supporting terrorism ideology is strictly prohibited.

8. Sales of pornography of any kind

8. Sales of legal or illegal drugs (Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, prescription drugs, Opium, Codeine, Heroin, Alcohol without the liquor license, Cough syrup, steroids, and other performance enhancement drugs, and any illegal and controlled substance)

9. Predatory activities or scams

10. Sales of illegal weapons

11. Inappropriate transactions towards minors, customers, business and shop owners.

12. All business transactions whether it is selling goods or providing services must follow all local, state, and federal regulations of commerce. International commerce regulations must be followed by users outside the United States. g