Privacy Policy

Collecting Personal Information

We reserve the right to collect information for marketing and case studies to improve our services. This allows us to study your browsing habits on the site. We will use it to increase your satisfaction on the feature(s) we offer. We will not sell your information to any entity seeking to purchase information. We use personal information to better understand our customers and reserve to study browsing in our site to analyze which feature(s) are most popular for users, customers, referrers,and business owners.

Collecting IP Address, Browser Information, And Operating System

AnyRefer will collect IP addresses, browser information and operating system.

The Collection And The Use Of Cookies (Session And Persistent Cookies)

Session cookies expire the minute you exit the browser. Persistent cookies are stored until you manually delete it. Cookies are important to provide services and examine the best suitable service. If you disable your cookies then part of our service will not work properly.

The Minimum Age To Sign Up For The Site, And Conduct Transactions

The minimum age to create an account, sign up for the site, and conduct transactions is 18 years and older. We expect the user to be able to conduct binding contracts and transactions.

What Do We Do With The Collected Information?

We are not selling any AnyRefer information to any third party companies or websites. We are strictly going to use the information to enhance our customer service and to improve our platform. This information enables us to analyze your behavior on our site, to understand which feature(s) you use the most, and where improvements can be made. We are aiming to enrich user experience.

We are not responsible for third party site privacy policies (before you click a link you should read the privacy policy of that site).

If you sign up third party social networks (Ex. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), we can gain access to all of your friends for service targeting purposes, and to help make referrals. You can also invite your friend(s) to our site.

If you choose to use our mobile App, we may collect registered information such as your phone number. We may also collect information you voluntarily provide such as your geographical location (address and zip code), date of birth, email, and other useful information that may help enhance your user experience.