How we work helps to track and reward the referrer who referred the business owner or expertise. -The business owners can get real data on who has referred their businesses. The business owners can reward the individuals who made the referrals.

Creating a Free Pool of Advertisers/Marketers

 Anybody can be a referrer of any business just by sharing each person's unique link. – The unique link can travel to any destination. They can be posted to any social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.). You can send the link via email. The referral system can promote any business and generate new customers.

Post Business/Expertise

Track and Reward

 Business owner can easily find out who helped to bring business through referral box feature of – The referral box features (My Referrals, and Referrals received) allows you to keep track all your referral information. Click on "Refer Me" and a unique URL will be created for you to share on social media or you can send an email or a text to your friends and relatives. If anybody click on the link , the business owner or expert will be contacted. Business owner and expert can view the name of the referrer in his referral box, And help to give incentives to the referrer after successful business deal.

Search Business/Expertise

Get incentives

Referrals can be a pipeline of free advertisement and marketing to elevate your customer acquisition. Incentives feature (Incentives Received an Incentives I owe). That feature allows the business owner to keep an inventory of their incentives. It provides data to assess your incentives program whether it is beneficial or not.