Frequently askes questions

AnyRefer is a social online platform where vendors can create their business profile and mention the charges for their services. The business profile will be like company page in LinkedIn/Facebook. Vendors can also mention how much incentive he/she can provide if someone refer and he/she gets the project. Incentive can range from a restaurant lunch to a percentage in the project. This platform empowers the business owner, customer, and the referrer because the business owner gets referrals for new customer from a trusted referrer. The business owner renders quality services to the customers, and reward the referrer for successful transaction because of the referral.
AnyRefer believes in flexibility. There are different reasons why a user may wish to change their username. We are allowing the user to make the best decision for their edification therefore you can change your username as it suits your expertise or business.
Your account is activated once you register and create a business/expertise. The business/expertise is the key identifier of your profile.
Absolutely. AnyRefer strongly believes in engaging with the users to learn how to improve our product. The business owner, referrer, customer, and user are very essential our platform, and we take pride in enhancing the user’s experience. The users validate our product, and without users we cannot exist.
AnyRefer will resolve any issue as quickly as possible
You can change and edit as many times necessary.
There aren’t any limits. We believe that more referrals will benefit all the users..
As long as you have an agreement with the experts and business owners, you can obtain as many incentives once you have met the agreement with the experts and business owners.